Nearby Dundas marsh gets OPIRG and Katimavik help to rid the wetland of junk

Volunteer Marsh is again singing a happy tune
Where a few people would sneak under cover of darkness to throw garbage into a beautiful wetland, another larger group of people came out under sunny spring skies to clean up the mess at Volunteer Marsh in the east end of Dundas on April 10.
With large contingents of young people from McMaster University and the Katimavik program, local families and individuals had plenty of help pulling out 19 tires, a microwave and assorted furniture from the waters now singing with frog songs.
The waste was stacked and sorted at the end of the laneway for city pickup.
Thanks to all who volunteered to help —with or without hip-waders — and to Ron Intini and Steve Crow who used their vehicles to transfer the trash. Thanks, too, to the office of Russ Powers for supplying bags and work gloves for this very successful, and hopefully, one-off, event.
Randy Kay, Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG) McMaster/Restore Cootes